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More About Cornerstone

Cornerstone Aquatics Center is owned by the Town of West Hartford and managed by Aquatics For Life, Inc. This unique partnership between municipal government and a private company was designed with the goal of providing an outstanding aquatics experience to the community without burdening the municipal budget.

Aquatics For Life, Inc. is a member of the Lutra Aquatics family. Lutra Aquatics LLC is a professional aquatics management and consulting company dedicated to the operation of economically self-supporting aquatics facilities. Lutra Aquatics was founded on the premise that the world of aquatics lacked professional management, and with the goal of helping municipalities, educational institutions, and other organizations to deliver the highest quality aquatics experience to their communities without burdening the organizational budget.

Aquatics facilities donít have to lose money. If your aquatics facility is losing money, or if youíre thinking of building an aquatics facility but worry about operating losses, Lutra Aquatics can help. Lutra has a systematic, proven approach to operating outstanding self-supporting aquatics facilities on behalf of our partners. If you think that your community would benefit from Lutraís operational expertise, visit the Lutra website to learn more about what we might be able to do for your organization.