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Cornerstone is devoted to aquatics, featuring three indoor pools that offer a variety of water depths and temperatures, and a variety of amenities you simply won't find anywhere else. Cornerstone provides reasonable accommodations upon request, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, for general use, swimming lessons, and other programs. Please contact us for more information.
  • Our Water
    Think all pool water is alike? When you experience Cornerstone's water, you'll realize it's not. We pride ourselves on having the cleanest, purest, most sparklingly-clear water you can find. Our highly advanced water treatment system is based on drinking water purification technology, and Cornerstone is the only place in Connecticut where you can find water this good. Our system continuously eliminates the chlorine byproducts which (in other pools) can cause eye, skin, and respiratory irritation. The result is water that's incredibly pure and has absolutely no chlorine odor or taste! Cornerstone is currently the only public facility in the State with this advanced water treatment system. You simply can't find water like ours anywhere else. And once you swim in it, you'll realize that you never want to swim anywhere else.
    In addition, because we take swimming seriously, our pools are equipped with the finest wave-quelling lane lines available. Our Lap Pool also features digital pace clocks.
  • Lap Pool
    This 25-yard pool has eleven lanes of crystal-clear, 79 degree water. The depth ranges from four feet to 13.5 feet in the diving well (twin one-meter boards). This pool is available for lap swimming during all hours of operation, with the exception of 3-5PM weekdays during the high school swim season (roughly late-August through early-March). Other than these two hours on weekdays, this pool is always available.
  • Multi-Purpose pool
    This pool's 86-degree water is perfect for a large variety of activities. The rectangular part of the pool offers six 25-yard lanes, and this pool also has a wide "zero-depth ramp" area which provides a walking entrance into the pool (like a beach) and a great place for children to play and learn. Like our Lap Pool, this pool is always available for fitness and recreational use. The only exception is Saturday mornings from 8:30AM to Noon, when the pool is devoted to swimming lessons. Other than Saturday mornings, it's always open.
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
    This oversized spa is filled with swirling 102-degree water to guarantee a soothing environment for that before- or after-swim soak.
  • Aquatic Cross-Training Center
    Cornerstone provides an entirely new way to enjoy the benefits of water-based exercise, and one you won't find anywhere else in the nation. We feature sixteen revolutionary underwater exercise bikes and four underwater treadmills. Get in a run or a long bike ride, all within the soothing environment of our gorgeous water. In addition, the adjoining area of the pool deck is equipped with a wide array of stretch-cord exercise stations—perfect for strength and flexibility training before or after your swim.
    All equipment is availabe for independent use whenever the Lap Pool is open, except during scheduled group fitness classes.
  • Dry-Land Fitness Room
    If you really want to stay dry, our fitness room features both cardiovascular and strength-training equipment—a great place to augment your aquatics training regimen. For cardio workouts, we offer LifeFitness treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, all with individual television monitors. On the strength side, our equipment is also by LifeFitness, and offers a tremendous range of strength-training exercises. (But if you're a stationary bike or treadmill person, you really don't know what you're missing until you try our underwater bikes and treadmills!)
  • Party Room
    Our spacious and comfortable party room provides plenty of options for birthday parties and other events. You can't beat Cornerstone for your child's birthday party—whether the temperature outside is sweltering heat or bitter cold, our water is always a welcome oasis. Our party room is also where we offer child care for our members, weekdays from 9AM to noon—we're stocked with plenty of fun toys and experienced caregivers to keep your child (or children) entertained while you get a workout.

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