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Class Descriptions

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Children 6 mo. to Age 3

Parent & child classes
Waterbabies I
This parent/child class is designed to acclimate the child to the water environment through songs & games. Fundamentals including stomach & back positions, kicking, and blowing bubbles are introduced. For ages 6 months to 2 years.

Waterbabies II
This experience will ease the transition from parent/child class to teacher/child class. Progress in the fundamental skills is continued through songs & games. For ages 2 to 3 years.

Please note: Disposable diapers are not allowed in the pool. Rubber pants or non-disposable “swim diapers” are required for children not toilet-trained. Cornerstone has a variety of suitable swim diapers available for purchase at the front desk.

Children Age 3, 4, & 5

Pre-Beginner I
A first-time group experience without parents. Work toward independent performance of the basic skills including body positions, blowing bubbles, floats, kicking, and jumps.

Pre-Beginner II
Continues to reinforce basic skills but with little or no assistance. Emphasis is placed on crawl stroke (including arm action and kick) and floats. Intro to rhythmic breathing and kneeling dives.

Pre-Beginner III
This course reinforces the basic skills and introduces new strokes. Designed for children with advanced swimming skills but too young to enter our 5 & Up curriculum. Prerequisite: must be able to swim independently above and under water.

Children Age Five and Up

Level I: Introduction to Water Skills
In this introductory class, students will learn the basic skills: blowing bubbles, bobs, submerge mouth nose and eyes, floats and recovery, alternating arm action, supported kicking, and jumps. Prerequisite: age 5 or older.

Level II: Fundamental Aquatics Skills
Students will work toward independent performance of the basic skills: bobs, floats, glides, flutter kick, jumps, front & back crawl, sidestroke, turning over & body position, and will begin work on rhythmic breathing and kneeling dives.

Level III: Stroke Development
Introduction to deep water bobs, elementary backstroke, butterfly kick and body motion, treading and standing dives. Continued improvement in front & back crawl (25 yards), glides, kneeling dives, and rotary breathing.

Level IV: Stroke Improvement
Introduction to breaststroke, open and flip turns. Continued improvement in front crawl with rotary breathing (50 yards), back crawl (50 yards), breaststroke (50 yards), butterfly (25 yards), sidestroke (25 yards), and elementary backstroke (25 yards).

Level V: Stroke Refinement
Introduction to stride jump, long shallow dive, tuck and pike surface dives, two minute tread. Continued improvement in front & back crawl, breaststroke (100 yards), elementary backstroke & sidestroke (50 yards), and butterfly (25 yards).

Level VI: Advanced Skills
Continued work on endurance (continuous swim 500 yards), flip turns, all strokes, and treading water (5 minutes). Fitness swimming including pull buoy use,heart rate determination and swimming etiquette. In-water rescue techniques including rescue tube use and brick retrieval.


Adult I
Designed for adults either uncomfortable around the water or with little or no experience in the water. A gradual, individual pace emphasizes comfort & safety while learning floats and independent swimming.

Adult II
For adults with some water experience but who still need to work on the basics. This course develops introductory skills and independent swimming in a supportive atmosphere.

Adult III
For adults who are able to swim but want to swim “better.” This course expands upon basic concepts and develops proper stroke technique for front crawl as well as other strokes.

Other Courses

Lifeguard Training
Red Cross’ standard training for all lifeguards. Includes certification in First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. Prerequisite: age 15 or older and pass swim test. (Approx. 30 hour course)

Guard Start
For children 11-14 interested in lifeguarding. Focus on accident prevention, basic rescue techniques, fitness, leadership, and professionalism.

Kids' Stroke & Fitness
An introduction to competitive swimming, this program provides expert coaching on stroke technique and great exercise in a fun & exciting team setting.

Lesson Notes

  • Most class sessions are 35-40 minutes in duration.
  • Appropriate safety skills are covered in all levels.
  • Private lessons are available, providing individual attention on your schedule. Call for details.